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coffee table books...

July 13, 2017
adding books to your decor adds warmth and a homey feel. Having beautiful coffee table books that are inspirational in stacks or displayed around the home is something that I'm lacking in our own home. Besides my husbands law books we only have a couple of coffee table book and I'm looking to add more to my collection.

Books are always a great idea as a gift too - especially coffee table books, since they are not only a source of inspiration, but also a decor piece. My biggest interests have to do with the home; decor, art, garden and travel and above you'll see some of the books I have on my wishlist.

1/ KINFOLK HOME - I love the Slow Living concept and the Kinfolk books are filled with inspiration.
2/ MOVE AND WORK - I love Malene Birger's universe and have both her decor books already. Be inspired by her maximalistic homes.
3/ LUXURIOUS MINIMALISM - two words that sounds great to me - filled with minimalist interiors from all over the world.
4/ SCANDINAVIA DREAMING - nothing like beautiful pictures of Scandinavian decor.
5/ PLAIN SIMPLE USEFUL - love the idea of easy living and making a timeless and cosy home.
6/ BOOK OF PALMS - a catalogue of different palms.
7/ PARISIAN INTERIORS - anything Parisian is always a hit.
8/ LIVING IN STYLE SCANDINAVIA - filled with pictures of Scandinavian interiors.
9/ LIVING IN MOROCCO - I've always loved anything Moroccan though I haven't been yet, but I'll dream away with this book.
10/ MONOCHROME HOME - decorating in white and black will always be timeless.
11/ SECRET IMAGES PICASSO - anything Picasso to inspire my love for art.
12/ PERFECT IMPERFECT - got me at the title...

ellos wishes july and 20% off...

July 11, 2017


It's time for my monthly Ellos wishes post...I've said it before, but I'll say it again - this webshop has so many super nice things, both from their own brand and a lot of other brands. I'm especially loving their pieces for the home.

I love the classic feel of the items I've chosen to share this month - it's very "Hamptons" and I would love every single piece to move in to our home.

When I was browsing Ellos the other day, I found this beautiful sofa from Furninova - I love white sofas and this one is just perfect.
The light grey pillows are in organic velvet - they come in 7 different colours. I love mixing velvet with linen - remember I shared these with you. I'll probably get some of those light grey velvet ones for our white sofas.
I'm also loving the cream ceramic lamp - two of those on a console table would look so nice - still haven't decided if I should go with white shades or black velvet.

The rug is also one of the news on Ellos' webshop. It's thick with a silk like sheen - so beautiful and looks really comfy.
I'm searching for the right coffee table, since we haven't bought one yet and maybe this one would be nice - still not sure...

Most of these pieces are from Ellos' own line and until the 27th of July you'll get 20% off Ellos Home - so need to click some of these pieces home before the discount ends!

biking together...

July 3, 2017

we finally got a chair for Adam attached to my bike - see more about this awesome bike in this post - and a basket in the front and since then we've been biking around the city. Not having to take the bus to Adam's nursery has meant we'll travel back and forth in half the time and not only do I get a good exercise, it's also really fun and Adam loves it. I also bike to work and everything else - no rain or wind can stop me from taking the bike instead of the bus.

Getting yourself a bike is really a good investment - it's good for the environment, you safe money and get to exercise - and it's fun. These photos were taken after we'd been to Frederiksberg Gardens, which explains the dirty sandals...

afternoon light

July 1, 2017

Love the light in our bedroom, when the sun streams in the windows on sunny afternoons. Laying on the bed looking up in the blue sky and watching the clouds fly by is so relaxing and something Adam and I like to do together. He'll see all kinds of animals in the skies - nothing like a child's imagination.

I've simplified our bedroom a bit and love the classic feel our new pillows adds to the room. Also got them in a beige striped version. I've gotten a lot of questions about the curtains - they are linen and cotton blend from Himla that I found on Ellos. I had a hard time finding some that would fit our large windows, so was very happy when I found these. I love how the sun comes through, but still shields for the sun. 


June 29, 2017

 we went out to shop for a few groceries and Adam had to bring his teddy "Trulla". He's never been attached to any of his teddies beside this one. It sleeps with him and he'll also bring it along sometimes, when we go out.

I love these pictures of him. Going from serious model look, to cheeky little smile and to him leaning in to see a courtyard, but still being careful to explore.

Adam's wearing Bisgaard sandals, Caramel shirt, Zara shorts and Maileg rabbit from Littletaylor.


June 28, 2017
saw these in a flower shop in the city and had to bring them home. They were all closed in the shells, when I bought them and they looked pretty then, but also now that they've opened. Absolutely some of the most beautiful flowers of the season...

Vase from Ellos and vintage table cloth.