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May 14, 2017
One of the things I really love about Copenhagen is the bike culture. There are lanes for bikes most places and most residents have a bike - because it's so much faster to get around by bike - plus it's so much better for the environment. You'll also exercise without even thinking about it, which is great for someone like me that doesn't like going to the gym. The feeling of wind in your hair - or in my case wind in my turban :) - is so nice.
I recently turned 35 and all I wished for was a bike. Adam and I have been taking 2 busses to nursery and it takes SO long - twice as long as it would by bike... Most days I'd be so annoyed that I would really affect my day, when I had to pick up Adam from nursery after work and we had to wait for one bus and then another and sometimes we had to wait for more than one if there were no space for a pushchair...Biking around will be so much easier and a nicer experience for both Adam and I. Plus he's getting older and hates being in the pushchair. Can't wait to get a seat on the back, so we can bike around the city. I haven't been biking for years, so I need to take this beauty for a couple of spins before I take Adam out in traffic.

The stunner is the retro Habbana from Ebsen Bikes and everything I could want in a bike. The cool, retro design, great quality and comfort. This is already one of my favourite belongings. Ebsen Bikes are designed in Denmark and made in Germany since 1995. 

I love that their bikes are so easy to hop on and off and that the design means you'll sit straight up, which is the best for your back, when you bike. The classic retro look is what caught my eye, when I went shopping for a bike and all those little details really make this bike special.

Next thing is a wicker basket in the front to keep with the retro look and a seat for Adam. He'll be so exited to go to our local bike shop to pick up a helmet. I'll share more picture later on in summer with Adam on the back.

In collaboration with Ebsen Bikes


May 4, 2017

There are so many toys out there that it can sometimes be a jungle; there's a bunch of crap - flimsy plastic and cheap china products, but luckily you can find more and more quality toys. These days people dont mind spending a little extra to buy their kids toys that will last a lifetime, which means the toys can be passed down to siblings or later sold and it is also better for the environment.

Adam doesn't have a lot of toys, but the ones he has are mostly quality pieces. He loves Brio trains, but also Duplo blocks. He just got the metro train the other day - found at Ellos with 25% off. We will build trains all over the floors in the living room and it's really loads of hours of fun.

Another new toy that we recently got at one of our favourite online kids shops LittleTaylor is the Maileg ferry. It's both super cute and well made and has loads of hours of fun. It has wheels under, so you can roll it over the floor. We'll even use it, when we play with the brio trains.

Another favourite of Adam's is the little luggy basket - right now he use it indoors, but can be used when we go grocery shopping and he can carry a few things in it. Will also be great to use in the garden, when it gets warmer. It's fairtrade, which gets my thumbs up.

Also the wooden blocks with numbers and letters are great - I really love these ones too, which also have animals pictures on them. The magnetic animals are also loads of fun - love all Sarah and Bendrix kids toys.

We actually don't have this bike, but another running bike in wood from Magni - it's still too big for Adam, but he'd love this little tricycle.


April 24, 2017

Currently Adam's little area in the bedroom looks like this. I wish we had an extra bedroom, so he could have a room to himself that I could decorate, but for now he'll have to share with us.

I love that old french bed that I found on Instagram. The little Moroccan table is also preloved and together with the handira blanket and the painting I did with the camel it adds to that ethnic touch that I love.

We still need to put up a cream canopy over the bed that will make this space even cuter.


April 21, 2017

Talk about perfection! This is exactly the kind of mood I love in interior design; a warm feeling, ethnic finds mixed with something French and Nordic. Skip the minimal and make your home personal and creative.

I love the mix of neutrals that goes perfectly together. If you are still loving the grey look adding sand colours to your home will add instant warmth - sand and grey is actually a perfect fit. Pay attention to the coffee tables in the living room - they are round and not square. Having square sofas and cabinets calls for round forms and I love the mix of different round tables in this living room. 

The home is owned by Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stephane Garotin. A couple years back I actually shared pictures from their old home, which was very dark. Last year Vogue Australia shared pictures from their apartment, which is the same one as this, but with a different cooler feel. 

I feel I've somewhat gone through a similar change from dark to light in decor and I'm so happy that I chose to skip the dark and greys in our home. 

Source: RingtheBelle via Daniella Witta