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October 26, 2016

I'm really loving this kitchen. The rustic wooden table against the light grey kitchen cabinets is such a nice combo - all sorts of wood just look so nice up against grey. Grey kitchens are getting more and more popular and I find it much more warm than white cabinets and they are easier to maintain too.
You can find similar kitchen tables here and here.


How cute are those washcloths?! - and they're 100% organic cotton. I've recently been shopping at one of my favourite online shops Cahetu and bought these washcloths from Liewood for Adam. They come in a pack of three and Adam loves using them as puppets too. There's even matching towels and bathrobes with the same cute designs - might need to snap those up next time.

Apart from the super cute washcloths I was also really impressed with the fast shipping. I did my shopping in the afternoon and received my package the next day. And guys they even ship worldwide yay. I have my eye on several other things from the webshop - I think I'll share them in another post and maybe you'll be inspired too. Have a look at their fall catalogue - it's packed with great ideas.


October 25, 2016

I really love this cozy bedroom. Since the bed is up against a window they've used the window sill as a shelf or bedside table, so there's no need for a headboard. Instead there's pillows of different textures - cotton and linen and it gives such a warm feeling with the beautiful whites and greys - I'm such a sucker for linen, since I love that bohemian feel the wrinkled fabrics adds to a bed or sofa. 

Source: Stadshem


October 24, 2016

This thing has saved my life - or to be more exact the life of my mobile phone...Being on Social Media - and I mean using it A LOT - Instagram, Pinterest etc. also means that my phone dies all the time, so this charger is a real lifesaver. 

There's nothing worse than not being able to use your phone if you're not at home - you can't accept calls or make any - and being a mom the nursery has to be able to reach me, if Adam's not feeling well. I also have my travel card on my phone - so I need to show it on the bus and the metro, so there's just no option for me to have a phone that's not charged.

This portable charger from Kreafunk is not only practical, but the design is both cool and it's so easy to use. The ToCharge comes with a fabric cable and I'll charge it on my Macbook at night and then it actually has enough power to charge your phone twice! It's perfect to carry in my bag and know that I don't have to worry that checking my Instagram feed or Snapping will make my phone die.

This post is made with Kreafunk - all thoughts are my own.