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February 21, 2017
Yes, you've seen me wearing and talking about Daniel Wellington watches and they really are such classics that you'll keep it for years and also great for a gift for both men and women at any age.
 I recently got a new one - the classic black Sheffield. It's still minimal, but with a little more edge. I opted for the men's version (again), since I love the chunkiness of a big watch on my small wrist. Also going for the men's version means my husband will borrow it from me once in a while, when he wants a different look from his normal Sheffield...and I don't mind sharing - we both have a classic Sheffield each, so we can share this one, when we want to change the look.
They also do cuffs to go with your watch or to wear alone. Really timeless like the watches.

The people at Daniel Wellington have been kind enough to let me share a 15% discount code with you - just add TANYESHADW at checkout. Code is valid until March 15th 2017.

In collaboration with Daniel Wellington


February 19, 2017

I love to see new emerging brands, when I visit Ciff Kids - the kids fashion fair in Copenhagen and this season there were three Danish brands that caught my eye. I predict these are going to huge and I'm so exited to see them in August again for the ss18 season. 

First off is Hector + Havana - a beautiful brand with super soft cashmere and Liberty fabric. I love how they've combined the two to make timeless, classic pieces for both boys and girls. You know how much I love quality pieces and these can be passed down to generations. Already looking forward to seeing their spring collection.

 SEPTEMBERS is another new brand that just launched their webshop. They have a range of soft sweaters and cardigans made from baby alpaca and all is handmade. Their cute chairs in playfull colours are also handmade and hand painted and go so well together with the brands aesthetics; simple, comfortable and quality pieces that will last for years. Adam got one of the beautiful sweaters earlier this week and I already know it's going to be a favourite.

 Bonet et Bonet is the third emerging brand that really caught my eye. Amazing knitwear in cashmere and alpaca; sweaters, cardigans, blankets, pillows and bag. All SO beautiful. I also loved their bags made from vintage saris. Everything was so beautiful and well made and have that French, vintage feel that I really love. I can't wait to see more from this brand and looking forward to their launch.



I'm so ready for spring. Like super ready. I looked through my spring and summer wardrobe that is packed away yesterday and I can't wait to get all the white pieces and my sandals out again. Also, now that we've moved into a nice flat, we also have a garden and I'm looking forward to spending all of the sunny days down there.

I've been looking through Ellos webshop and found some pieces that will be perfect for a beautiful outdoor space. The zebra rug may be too nice to use out, but it would look great paired with the daybed and those ethnic pillows.

Ellos also have a great selection of fashion and that crinkled scarf and the leather sandals are must haves for spring. We have some of the Day Home towels in dark grey and they are so thick and soft, so I might be buying a couple of white ones too.


February 17, 2017's been a REALLY long time, since I posted an outfit on the blog. I made up my mind to stick with mommy and interior blogging soon after we moved back to Denmark, since I found that having people taking pictures of me was very selfcentered and I wanted to use all attention on Adam and interior design. I also didn't have anyone to take the photos, since I always had to twist my husband's arm to take the pictures...So it's just a lot easier to concentrate on Adam and our home - I can take the photos myself and I really never have to think too much about what to wear...

I know I lost followers, especially on Instagram, since a lot was following because of my fashion posts, but some stuck with me and after a break I'll be doing some outfits again once in a while. To be honest I feel we need more hijabis in Denmark and Scandinavia in general to share our style, so that brands, magazines etc. don't continue to ignore us. So I kind of feel obligated to do fashion and represent.

I was on the news recently taking about modest fashion and hijabis, because the rest of the world seem to have noticed that not only is there a huge marked for modest fashion, we are also fashionable and set trends. Last year an Indonesian designer showed her line at NYFW and all models wore the hijab and now Halima Aden will walk the catwalk for Yeezy Season 5. I think it's great to see that the fashion industry is taking notice of us and not only because they want to gain exposure themselves, but beauty they see beauty in us - hijab or no hijab. Finally...

Sorry for the rambling...but once I get started on this subject it's hard to stop...During Copenhagen Fashion Week earlier this month I was stopped on the street by @thestyleograph and she took a couple of photos of my outfit. I was wearing my Sotra kaftan that I also wore for Eid in July. Threw a leather jacket on top and wore jeans and loafers. Very last minute change from my outfit at Ciff Kids, but very me and very comfy - just too cold, which explains the serious face - I think my face was frozen haha...Didn't see anyone else wearing a hijab or a headpiece at CPHFW, but hope to see more representing next season...