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October 25, 2016

I really love this cozy bedroom. Since the bed is up against a window they've used the window sill as a shelf or bedside table, so there's no need for a headboard. Instead there's pillows of different textures - cotton and linen and it gives such a warm feeling with the beautiful whites and greys - I'm such a sucker for linen, since I love that bohemian feel the wrinkled fabrics adds to a bed or sofa. 

Source: Stadshem


October 24, 2016

This thing has saved my life - or to be more exact the life of my mobile phone...Being on Social Media - and I mean using it A LOT - Instagram, Pinterest etc. also means that my phone dies all the time, so this charger is a real lifesaver. 

There's nothing worse than not being able to use your phone if you're not at home - you can't accept calls or make any - and being a mom the nursery has to be able to reach me, if Adam's not feeling well. I also have my travel card on my phone - so I need to show it on the bus and the metro, so there's just no option for me to have a phone that's not charged.

This portable charger from Kreafunk is not only practical, but the design is both cool and it's so easy to use. The ToCharge comes with a fabric cable and I'll charge it on my Macbook at night and then it actually has enough power to charge your phone twice! It's perfect to carry in my bag and know that I don't have to worry that checking my Instagram feed or Snapping will make my phone die.

This post is made with Kreafunk - all thoughts are my own.


October 23, 2016

I've had an eye on this beautiful canopy from Ellos for a while. It's romantic and bohemian and goes perfectly together with washed linen bedding that I love so much. I'm trying to convince my husband that we need one for the bedroom, but he's more the minimal type, so this French looking cotton canopy is not really his style...but I'm the one decorating anyway and I think it goes so well with the rest of our decor...Right now there's actually 20% off at Ellos if you use code 345432 at checkout, so I might need to click this baby home...

I found the pictures on Instagram @emsloo @annakubel and on Ellos.


I just love fall - it's probably my favourite time of year. I love the cool, fresh air and nature's beautiful colours. I'm also a real homebody, so I love cosying up at home, lighting candles and be creative.

Adam and I have been collection chestnuts every day, when we walk home from nursery and I wanted to do some DIY together with him using some of the chestnuts. He's still to little to make animals with them and it will also be a few years till he can do the spiderwebs, so I thought we'd paint on them with white markers and make small wreaths. 

It was a really fun mom and son activity and you can see that Adam is totally concentrated on painting  (though he didn't like to get his fingers painted on haha) - I think his turned out so much better than mine. I find that the small strokes of a child's hand are so much more beautiful than the grown up ones, since we think about it too much.

After we'd done painting I drilled holes in each chestnut and put them on a wire like pearls and tied them to round wreaths. You can make them bigger in size if you wish - and it's a simple activity that doesn't take much time. Perfect for little ones, who can't concentrate on the same thing too long.