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aymara knits...

October 18, 2017

we LOVE knits! And with LOVE I mean we live in them all fall and winter...well even in spring and summer. In summer I bought this super comfy and warm cardigan from Aymara for Adam and since it mostly felt like fall he wore it as a jacket most of the summer.

I didn't know the brand before buying the cardigan at Smallable, but found out that the brand is founded by Belgian Sven and Peruvian Yannina. Their lovely knits are made in Peru in their family owned knitting factory. They make knits for both women, men and children and even sell baby alpaca yarn on the e-shop for those who love knitting themselves.

I absolutely love their authentic and sustainable knits mainly made from baby alpaca. I have said it so many times, but quality pieces really will last a lifetime. Especially knits will last a lifetime and can easily be passed down through generations.

The beautiful knits are gifted by Aymara - 

wishes for the little wardrobe...

October 10, 2017

SWEATER / caramel // SHIRT / bonton // GLOVES / bonton // TROUSERS / caramel
SHIRT / caramel // BLOUSE / babe and tess for limonade // TROUSERS / caramel // BOOTS / pepe

It's not that long ago that I did a inspirational post about baby boy fall dressing, but I keep finding  new pieces that I would like to add to my little man's small wardrobe. He really has very little in his wardrobe and I always think long and hard before buying anything new. Adam's wardrobe actually fits into just one drawer and everything can be mixed and matched into several outfits. Just these pieces here will easily make 10 different looks...

When buying anything for him I always think about quality. I especially love Caramel and Bonton - in my opinion both brands make such classic and comfy clothes that you'll want to keep and pass down rather than selling it, once they grow out of it.

coffee table books part ll...

October 8, 2017

these are coffee table books that I currently have on my wishlist. I'm especially eager to add The new Kinfolk book about entrepreneurship and the Cereal book - 'These Islands' - a beautiful book with pictures from the British Isles. 'The Shopkeepers' also looks like a good read.

I found all these books except from one at Cahetu - love that their book selection is growing...

See other coffee table books that I love here

new daniel wellingtons for him and I...

October 7, 2017

sponsored post/ I love a classic watch - actually I have a couple of watches - actually all from Daniel Wellington, but they are men's watches at 40mm, since I really like a big clock on my wrist. However, I needed a small classic one - the 32 mm classic Sheffield - that will go with everything and also a Classic York for the husband...

A classic watch will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it and I really love these, because they are so minimal and classic. - British design at its best.

I have a code for you that will give you 15% off on the webshop until the 31st October - just write tanyesha15 at :)

nordic, french bohemian home...

October 5, 2017

 Lovely home by the owner of Moshi Moshi mind. I especially love the homemade sofa with all the beautiful pillows; perfect place to wind down after a long day. Oh, and the Safari chair! I've seen one with green canvas that I'd love in our home.

Source: Mad og Bolig

eucalyptus wreath...

September 29, 2017

I just love the smell of eucalyptus and they are also very beautiful - that faded green colour just like the leaves on olive trees. 

I bought these for Adam's birthday almost 3 weeks ago now and they had dried, so I was about to throw them away, when I though 'why not make a wreath out of them'. I'm all about recycling and reusing instead of throwing things away...

I didn't have anything around except for some thin steel wire, but I wanted the wreath to be dainty anyway, so it worked fine to do the base with a couple of layers of the wire. I then started adding branches of eucalyptus using the wire to fasten them to the base and it took me less than 10 minutes to make this.

A super easy and quick diy for any of you wanting to reuse withered flowers or branches.