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March 16, 2017

I love khaki og beige in spring and summer - there's just something about the colour that makes me think of safari and it's a super classic colour. If you buy a classic item in a khaki colour, you'll be able to bring it out every year. I have a shirt from By Malene Birger from SS2011 and I still love it.

The other day I went shopping in Zara and found a pair of khaki trousers (first pair on the bottom). I love that tapered shape, since I think it suits my figure quite nicely - in fact I think peg leg are the type of trousers that suits all body types. When you have short legs like me and never wear heels, palazzo trousers are a no go, well unless they are high waisted - if so some cuts can work. Culottes are also not the best cut for me, since I have wide hips, so I always go after a tapered cut, when I shop for trousers. Luckily the belted, tapered, khaki trousers are in trend this season, so no need to search too long for a pair. 


March 12, 2017

Untitled #197

New buys and some wishes from Ellos...I've been searching for another ceiling lamp for the livingroom - we have an old chandlier over the dining table and couldn't really find anything I for the living area - it's one big room, so it all have to go together. I think this one from Day Home is going to work really well with the rest of our decor and add to that ethnic touch, otherwise I'll use it at the office space I'm doing in the kitchen.

Both the cupboard and the daybed from Ellos' own line have been on my wishlist for a long time. I still haven't decided which one to get yet, maybe I just need to get them both...

The little rug was sold out, before I got to put it in my basket. Was going to use it under Adam's bed, so looking to see if it will return again.

Right now they have 20% off home at Ellos, so it's a good idea to be doing those purchases now, before it ends the 16.03.2017. To get 20% off* use code 355431

Can be used one time per customer on textiles, indoor lighting, wallpaper, rugs and furniture at Ellos. Don't count products from Odd Molly Home and can not be combined with other discounts. 


March 10, 2017

The living room is slowly coming together...decorating really takes time - well for me it does and it's a never ending process and really also should be. We still need a lot of furniture and also I desperately need to put something on the walls, because I feel a home with empty walls is not really a home. We also need some green plants, I'm thinking palm tree type of greenery to play up the ethnic look.

I don't like shopping at department stores or furniture shops, in fact all our furniture is found on online market spaces and some of the decor is also found at flea markets. I can't wait to attend a huge flea market later this month and hope to find some amazing pieces to add to our decor.

My love for old furniture has to do with the fact that I don't like my home to look like anyone else's - I like that a lot of the pieces in our home or unique and one of a kind.

I also have a huge love for Malene Birger's decor line Birger1962, and since everything is 60% off at Roomstore I'll find any excuse to add yet another of the beautiful ethnic pieces to my own decor. Both the blanket on the sofa, the pillow with pompoms, the tassels on the lamp, the floor pillow and the candles are Biger1962.

I hope that we can travel to Morocco ourselves, so I can bring home ethnic African finds from the souks too, but the pieces from Birger1962 are as close as you get to finding those special pieces yourself without going travelling and it's like having a little part of Malene's own decor in your home and you know, how much I love her. Looking forward to her launch of A Journey this summer - everything she touches is so special and beautiful.


March 8, 2017
 I showed you the pieces from Bouguessa in this post and here's how I styled the black wool abaya. With a pair of ripped jeans from Zara, babouche style slippers and a black shirt from H&M Studio, I dressed this beautiful piece down for a walk in the palm house at the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen.

I also wore a sheila for a change instead of the turban and I felt quite feminine. It did slip back a lot, so there's a lot more hair showing than I've ever shown, but that's how they rock the hijab in the Middleeast anyway.

Already looking forward to styling this beautiful piece again, when spring arrives and I can wear it out instead of having to wear it indoors.