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a beautiful french home filled with personality...

September 15, 2017

There's just something very special about French homes...I can't put my finger on it exactly, but the vibe, the colours, the aesthetics; just all so beautiful and personal.

The home is filled with beautiful details with muted colours that goes together perfectly and it makes me want to add more colour to our home. Especially that muted green like the colour on the velvet chairs is one that I'm liking a lot.

 Source: Milk Magazine

baby girl fall dressing...

September 13, 2017
DRESS / babe & tess HAIR CLIP / kanel BOOTS / birds of nature TIGHTS / collegien
DRESS / bonton SCARF / repose ams CARDIGAN / repose ams WELLIES / bisgaard
CARDIGAN / bonet et bonet TROUSERS / bonton SHIRT / caramel BOOTS / bisgaard

BLOUSE / caramel CARDIGAN / bonton SKIRT / bonton SOCKS / limonade
SWEATER / caramel GLOVES / petit nord HAT / repose ams TROUSERS / caramel

CARDIGAN / bonton BLOUSE / zara TROUSERS / bonton SOCKS / bonton
HEADBAND / bonton OVERALL / h&m JACKET / repose ams BOOTS / bisgaard

so after I did a fall dressing posts for boys, I got some requests on Instagram to do one for girls too. There's so many cute pieces for girls, and I had a little time on my hands, so I put together a post for you. This is how I'd like to dress my girl, if I had one...

If you look at the boys posts, you'll notice that a lot of the items are the same. I love unisex clothes, but of course there's a couple of more girly pieces too. The colours are still neutral and easy to mix at match.

Hope you'll be inspired to shop for your little girl...

the home of Marie Worsaae of Aiayu...

September 12, 2017

white walls, light wooden floors and high ceilings is the base for this beautiful home. I love every corner of Marie Worsaae's beautiful home. Old furniture, personal items, beautiful Aiayu textiles and a beautiful palette of natural colours fills this home with "hygge". absolutely in love

Source: Aiayu Facebook, Peter Kragballe


September 11, 2017

I've said it before, but there's nothing like nice unisex kids clothes, especially if the style is minimal. Doesn't hurt either if it's handmade, like this cute kurta top from German brand Liilu.

The fabric is super soft muslin cotton. Adam also have the matching trousers, but I think it's so easy to mix and match each pieces with other things too. It's light and comfy in summer, but can easily be worn in winter too with wool underwear and a knitted cardigan on top.

baby boy fall dressing...

September 8, 2017

CARDIGAN / bonet et bonet TROUSERS / bonton SHIRT / caramel WELLIES / bisgaard
SWEATER / repose ams HAT / repose ams TROUSERS / caramel BOOTS / bisgaard
SWEATER / caramel MITTENS / petit nord SOCKS / mingo TROUSERS / caramel
SWEATER / aymara HAT / bonton LEGGINGS / caramel BAG / fjallraven
COAT / il gufo SOCKS / limonade BOOTS / bisgaard SWEATER / repose ams
COSY SET / bonton SCARF / repose ams BOOTS / birds of nature

September is my favourite time of the year. The 1st is Adam's birthday together with our wedding anniversary and normally the weather is perfect in September; not too warm, but still sunny and beautiful. 

It did start off good with some really warm days, but all this week it's been pouring down like crazy and I've noticed the leaves are turning yellow and falling to the fall is definitely here. Adam's overjoyed - all the puddles that he can jump in - it's almost like the joy, when we see the first snow of the year...

This quick transition into fall also means it's time to build a winter wardrobe. I packed all our summer clothes away the other day and took out all the sweaters. Adam still fits into a lot of them, but there's always room for a couple new ones. 

Above I've collected some of the pieces that I love this season. Some we have already and some are on my wishlist and will be added over the next couple of months. I always build a capsule wardrobe for both Adam and myself, so we don't have loads of clothes, and I do think twice before buying anything.

As you see I love Caramel and also Repose AMS has some really nice stuff - I'm probably going to get Adam the sweater and the matching hat and scarf - it's so beautiful.
All Adam's boots are from Bisgaard and we have all 3 that I've shared here. In my opinion they make some of the best shoes for kids that also looks beautiful. They have it all; indoor shoes, sandals, wellies, sneakers, boots, you name it.
I also found these super cute moon boots from Birds of Nature, but they only come up to size 23, so gutted...Adam wears a 25 at the moment.

If I should choose one favourite piece of clothing it would be the soft set from Bonton at the bottom - it's the softest ever and Adam wears it all the time either as a set or use the top with other trousers or the leggings with a nice sweater. It also comes in off white.

I know how hard it can be to shop for kids - especially from age 3 and up and even more if you have a boy, so hope you've been inspired for some fall looks.

currently on my desk...

August 22, 2017

Our office space currently looks like this and as I've decided to start studying again and starting next week! I'll be spending a lot of time here...I'm both exited and nervous, as it's years since I ended my last education and this will be something totally different, but hopefully a direction into a new exiting future...

I recently bought this box made of mango wood and right now it holds pens and pencils, but can be used for so many things. Both the paper bag and the matches are from Le Sac and also from Ellos like the mango box. 

Having a nice office space and being surrounded with nice things is so important to me and I love changing this space quite frequently, but as a rule I always try to keep it tidy, have nice scented candles and nice lighting.

In collaboration with Ellos