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April 21, 2017

Talk about perfection! This is exactly the kind of mood I love in interior design; a warm feeling, ethnic finds mixed with something French and Nordic. Skip the minimal and make your home personal and creative.

I love the mix of neutrals that goes perfectly together. If you are still loving the grey look adding sand colours to your home will add instant warmth - sand and grey is actually a perfect fit. Pay attention to the coffee tables in the living room - they are round and not square. Having square sofas and cabinets calls for round forms and I love the mix of different round tables in this living room. 

The home is owned by Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stephane Garotin. A couple years back I actually shared pictures from their old home, which was very dark. Last year Vogue Australia shared pictures from their apartment, which is the same one as this, but with a different cooler feel. 

I feel I've somewhat gone through a similar change from dark to light in decor and I'm so happy that I chose to skip the dark and greys in our home. 

Source: RingtheBelle via Daniella Witta


April 15, 2017

WE'RE slowly adding more and more pieces to our home decor. For me it really takes time to decorate our home, since I don't like to make hasty decisions and I also want to decorate in a very personal style, which means lots of trips to flea markets to find special pieces.

Our style at home is a mix of Nordic and ethnic - a bohemian, Nordic home in neutrals like white, cream, brown and black. I totally got rid of all grey, since I'm so done with grey after seeing it everywhere.

I recently found a small Moroccan table at a flea market that is perfect for the living room. For the time being this small table is all we need as a coffee table, since we sit and play on our soft Beni Ourain rug, so having a "normal" coffee table would just be in the way.

Our decor is also a mix of flea market finds and new pieces from brands like Birger1962 and Day Home. The ceiling lamp is new from Day Home - found it at Ellos. I'll probably change it to hang over the dining table, since I feel we need a larger piece there instead of our small chandelier, so I'll share more pictures of it soon.


April 14, 2017
I finally found Adam a jacket for spring... I've been searching for a jacket for him and again Zara came to the rescue. I love the light colour, which goes very well with his spring wardrobe and it's such a cute fit.

He wore it out the other day, when the sun was shining - he had his alpaca knit from Septembers underneath to keep warm. Trousers are from Zara, socks from Limonade and Stan Smith x Mini Rodini sneakers. 


April 13, 2017

Untitled #200

THESE are some of my April wishes from Ellos... I'm sticking to my neutral palette as usual - white, black and natural. This could be a part of our indoor decor or even for outdoors. 

I just bought the bamboo ladder that I'll use in Adam's area in the bedroom, but I'm also thinking of buying several other pieces from my list. I love Day Home and always find so many pieces that will be perfect for the home, when I'm browsing through Ellos' webshop. The beautiful white crockery also from Day Home with its organic form is so nice and also comes in grey.