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currently on my desk...

August 22, 2017

Our office space currently looks like this and as I've decided to start studying again and starting next week! I'll be spending a lot of time here...I'm both exited and nervous, as it's years since I ended my last education and this will be something totally different, but hopefully a direction into a new exiting future...

I recently bought this box made of mango wood and right now it holds pens and pencils, but can be used for so many things. Both the paper bag and the matches are from Le Sac and also from Ellos like the mango box. 

Having a nice office space and being surrounded with nice things is so important to me and I love changing this space quite frequently, but as a rule I always try to keep it tidy, have nice scented candles and nice lighting.

In collaboration with Ellos

ellos wishes in august...

August 12, 2017

These are my current wishes from Ellos. As we're moving into fall soon I'm adding more warm tones to the home and I finally feel like I've found the style that I love - warm minimal.

I just bought the table lamp - can't wait to see how it looks like in real life. I love the combination of the brass and the silver ball. I also bought the poster; we still don't really have anything up on the walls, so I'm collecting posters and paintings to go up as a gallery wall.

I carpets are so lovely and they look super soft - I love that they have that silk look to them and will make the room look a little more expensive:)

We still need a coffee table and I just can't decide what to get. I know I want a round one. Since we have two large sofas and I think a square one will look too heavy. This brown one with the marble top is quite nice.

Fall is also a time to cuddle up a little more than usual and a nice blanket and some pillows in nice neutrals are a perfect way to warm up the home.

Right now there's 20% off at Ellos home - including brands AND furniture. They also have 25% off at the Kids department :)

In collaboration with Ellos

warm minimal perfection...

August 10, 2017

When I saw the pictures of this beautiful home from Fantastic Frank I fell in love. It's minimal and Scandinavian, but still very warm and pleasing to the eye. Neutrals and light wood works so well with brass and curry. Made me think of Kinfolk. 
The lamps are amazing; the flos, the mantis. All so beautiful.

latest pins...

August 3, 2017

It's no secret that I love Pinterest. There's so much inspiration to find there and I can spend hours and hours looking, pinning and finding inspiration. I was looking through my latest pins and found that there was a theme in the pins that I have saved. - You can see all my pins here.

Warm, earthy hues. That's how I want our home to be - cosy with hues of sand, browns and nudes that will easily warm up our white and black decor. Bohemian, but still with a minimal touch - I call it warm minimal.

I've been going through a phase trying to figure out which direction to go with the decor in our home - been going from ethnic to light and Nordic to French romantic and finally I feel this it the feel I want at home. Now that we're moving into fall soon colours like these are especially beautiful. So time for some shopping for pillows, art and a few pieces of furniture...-I'll put together my decor wishlist soon to share with you.

new curtains...

July 29, 2017

We finally have curtains in our livingroom! When we moved in in January I initially bought some velvet fabric that I was going to make long curtains out of, but thought it would be too heavy and a shame to hide the beautiful windows, so we didn't put up anything.

Our windows are quite wide, so it's not easy to find a ready-made curtain that fit, but I found these linen ones from Himla at Ellos that we have in the bedroom and now that they're up in the living room, the room just look more cosy and I know we are going to love them especially in winter, when it's dark and cold out.

Right now and until the 31st of July there's actually 20% off all curtains at Ellos, so if you need an upgrade at home there's such a nice selection. 

coffee table books...

July 13, 2017
adding books to your decor adds warmth and a homey feel. Having beautiful coffee table books that are inspirational in stacks or displayed around the home is something that I'm lacking in our own home. Besides my husbands law books we only have a couple of coffee table book and I'm looking to add more to my collection.

Books are always a great idea as a gift too - especially coffee table books, since they are not only a source of inspiration, but also a decor piece. My biggest interests have to do with the home; decor, art, garden and travel and above you'll see some of the books I have on my wishlist.

1/ KINFOLK HOME - I love the Slow Living concept and the Kinfolk books are filled with inspiration.
2/ MOVE AND WORK - I love Malene Birger's universe and have both her decor books already. Be inspired by her maximalistic homes.
3/ LUXURIOUS MINIMALISM - two words that sounds great to me - filled with minimalist interiors from all over the world.
4/ SCANDINAVIA DREAMING - nothing like beautiful pictures of Scandinavian decor.
5/ PLAIN SIMPLE USEFUL - love the idea of easy living and making a timeless and cosy home.
6/ BOOK OF PALMS - a catalogue of different palms.
7/ PARISIAN INTERIORS - anything Parisian is always a hit.
8/ LIVING IN STYLE SCANDINAVIA - filled with pictures of Scandinavian interiors.
9/ LIVING IN MOROCCO - I've always loved anything Moroccan though I haven't been yet, but I'll dream away with this book.
10/ MONOCHROME HOME - decorating in white and black will always be timeless.
11/ SECRET IMAGES PICASSO - anything Picasso to inspire my love for art.
12/ PERFECT IMPERFECT - got me at the title...