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January 5, 2012

This is my first post at "A touch of Luxe". 
One of my great passions is interior design. I love making any space look its best. My philisophy is that what happens style-wise behind closed doors, in your home, shouldn't just be incidental. Home isn't just where you stow yours things or sack out for the night. It should be your private escape. It doesn't need to be absolute perfect, but as perfect as you can make it. Luxury is creating a space of intimacy, detail and comfort; a space that is totally you.

Welcome to A touch of Luxe.

Tanja Ayesha
2 comments on "Welcome"
  1. Jeg bliver nødt til at fortælle dig at den sidste uges tid har jeg kigget HELE din blog igennem! Og du har en mega god stil, og flotte billeder :-)

  2. tusind tak Kristine. Jeg laver en give-away snart på min anden blog som snart har 1 års dag. så følg med på . give-away'en vil være i slutningen af denne måned