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Don't we all just LOVE shoes

March 29, 2012
Okay, so most of us girls LOVE shoes. Just as it is with clothes, bags, jewelry and everything, it is really important to take good care of your shoes. It is a waste of money to spend money on things you love and then treat them carelessly. They will last you a long time if you take good care of them. That means: don't have shoes tossed all over the floor, but put them up for display or on some kind of shoe rack. Some people like to have their shoes in labeled boxes, but I like to have them in a place where you can see them. As for boots, always have boot fillers to keep them from crumpling. If you take good care of your things, you can sell them on ebay when you are tired of them and honestly say they are like new. Here's some ideas on how to store your shoes. 

4 comments on "Don't we all just LOVE shoes"
  1. Clothes are difficult for me to wear, sometimes things look alright and then sometimes they don't shoes always fit not matter what.

  2. I all the posts, you find the best pics, so gorgeous

  3. one word: heaven
    ; )