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Decorating with candles

November 22, 2012
 I love candles and especially this time a year, when it's dark in the afternoon already I find them essential in my appartment. I love scented candles, especially in vanilla or white flower: something light and nice. 
 Candles in the bedroom adds some romance and a nice feel. Also loving candles in the bathroom.
 Tealights in small glasses are very decorative and give a nice light.
 I love the idea of putting big candles in a glass container. You could also add sand in the bottom.
Candlessticks in different forms put together with different types of candles gives a very romantic, vintage feel.
 Love different textures of candles. These are by Lene Bjerre. Love her collection of candles.

1 comment on "Decorating with candles"
  1. I LOVE candles! I have them all over my office and bedroom and that bedside table in dreamy! Love your blog too :)