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Decorating with vintage Louis Vuitton trunks

March 22, 2012
 Decorating should always be fun. I love everything about decoration, and I like different styles and moods. The idea of decorating with trunks is so cool, and especially the LV ones. - I love the colors and the print - very luxe. You can also use any other beautiful-looking trunk as part of your decor. I would also love a black one and maybe put some studs or stones on it for a fun, edgy look. 

  If you have a big trunk you can use it as a coffeetable. I love the mix of modern with vintage. I actually have a version of this sofa in my apartment. It's from IKEA.
 Also loving the idea of old suitcases as a nightstand. Just place a tray on top to make it stabile - this way it's a lot easier to clean too.

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