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Clothes on open racks

April 26, 2012

Clothes on open racks can be so cool and really make a statement to your closet and also it's easy to see what you have rather than clothes laying on top of each other and some laying in the back of your wardrobe. I like to hang it in order after color, so that it doesn't look cluddered. You can choose to have just your favorite items on an open rack like these and all the other stuff stored away for the eye to see. I love this last rack - I'm pretty sure it's from Ikea. 
4 comments on "Clothes on open racks"
  1. HI..i love you know where the mirrors are from?? thanks!!

    1. I'm pretty sure that they are vintage mirrors. Go to vintage stores to find something like this - very French

  2. also i was googling and bellman luggage carts are pretty cool as clothing racks except their so expensive like $400

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