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DIY clothing rack in the ceiling...

August 16, 2013

Hi guys...I haven't been updating the blog for a while since I'm really busy with finding a place to move into i London, planning my wedding that is in 23 days now (yikes - still need a lot more to get ready) and I also moved out of my apartment. So I'm totally busy. I will update once in a while and be back for full force sometime in September...Hope you'll continue following - it means a lot to me to have you as followers and commenting on the posts:)
As for this post...Don't you just love this idea of making your own clothing rack and hanging in from the ceiling so that you have more space?... You can use either a big branch or some strong pipes and hang it from chains in the ceiling. It's easy to do and takes up a lot less space than those kind that stand on the ground. The hangers in the three first pictures I use myself in my wardrobe as the do not take up a lot of space, which means - room for more clothes -yeeh - plus the look cool. You can get them at the drycleaners. 
1 comment on "DIY clothing rack in the ceiling..."
  1. Love the metal rod on slanted ceiling; so useful - thanks!