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My old apartment...

August 8, 2012

We're looking at places to rent in London and since I lived in a nice a apartment just a few weeks ago I'm pretty picky. Prizes in London are crazy, so I think we'll find something in zone 3 or 4 that's nice and kind of affordable:) We are going to move in the beginning of September so we're pretty much in need of a good flat asap! We'll be bringing some of this stuff from the old apartment and also get some new things - can't wait to get a flat and start decoration!
2 comments on "My old apartment..."
  1. wszystko zachowane z czerni i bieli :) bardzo Ĺ‚adnie :)

  2. Good luck to your relocation! Luxury doesn't always need to be confined with the norms of the expensive price tags. True luxury can also be found in simplicity.