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It's all in the details - Decorating with books...

October 19, 2012
When decorating a room it's very important to remember the details. What better way to make a room more personal and comfy than with books. Books can be beautiful and say something about you. Your interests, your style.
The Tom Ford book is iconic and how cute is that little turtle bell...

 You only need a couple of books in a small pile and with some kind of vase or other item on top to make a room a lot more personal. 

I love books and don't think they should be put away for one to see, especially not beautiful ones. Put your favorite books out for display or go shopping for coffee table books - I love to go book shopping and find new interesting or beautiful books - if you have kids, they'll love book shopping with you.

 I'll do a list with great coffee table books this weekend.
Have a nice Friday:)

1 comment on "It's all in the details - Decorating with books..."
  1. Where's the best source for faux flowers like these?