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A Touch Of Luxe with bamileke stools...

April 3, 2013
I have been MIA for the longest time here on A Touch Of Luxe and I'm feeling really guilty about it. After moving to London I've just been so busy and starting a new job has taken all my time...Now I'm working less, so I'll be posting regularly about my love for interior design. 
Today is all about these beautiful Bamileke stools. The Bamileke stolls are king's stools from Cameroon carved from a single tree trunk. They are distinguised by their crisscross pattern and round shape and comes in different sizes.

 You can buy the stools in different colours, but I love the natural wood one the most. I'm all about incorporating ethnic pieces to any room and these are just perfect. I would love one or two of these in my living room as side tables. 

You can even use them outside as a coffee table or sidetable. Such a great idea to bring these into modern homes and they go with everything as you can get it in the colour you want. I'm a big fan of these!
1 comment on "A Touch Of Luxe with bamileke stools..."
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