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A Touch of Luxe with mother of pearl inlay furniture...

April 9, 2013
Bringing in ethnic furniture to any home is my interior aesthetics and mother of pearl furniture is such a beautiful way to add some exoticness to your home. I am a big lover of handmade pieces - mother of pearl furniture is just that. It's wooden furniture inlayed with mother of pearl pieces - as it's handmade, each piece is different.
How beautiful is this bedside table together with lilac, white and turquoise? Very luxe and exotic.
Pair a mother of pearl inlay chest of drawers with modern pieces is a great way to mix modern and vintage.
I think my absolute favorite pieces are the bedside tables and sidetables. They go perfectly with most furniture and you can use them in a modern home or a more bohemian feel home. The mother of pearl inlay furniture looks great with natural colours, but also with bright colourful colours.

1 comment on "A Touch of Luxe with mother of pearl inlay furniture..."
  1. Thanks, now I have a new obsession :(