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Bubblegum pink and gold combo...

April 11, 2013
 There's nothing like a great colour-combo and I'm loving bubblegum pink with gold - it's luxe and fun. The bubblegum pink sofa and gold pieces such as the decorative elephant, the bamboo-like sidetables and table in gold add that luxe feeling and make the pink looking glamourous.
I'm totally loving this lotus-inspired gold lamp and the side tables together with these bubblegum pink pillows and the sand coloured sofa. The gold is what makes the room - imagine the gold lamp and tables being white for example and it would be a totally other not so luxe look.
Loving this bubblegum pink to add some colour to a room and also in fashion for spring and summer.
2 comments on "Bubblegum pink and gold combo..."
  1. Love that bubblegum pink sofa, it goes really good with the rest of the room!


  2. yeah right - pink can be really chic