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Day Birger et Mikkelsen's Keld Mikkelsen & Marianne Brandi's Copenhagen home...

April 17, 2013
Keld Mikkelsen and Marianne Brandi are the Danish design duo behind the internationally loved fashion brand Day Birger et Mikkelsen and also the interior decor line Day Home. Their beautiful home near Copenhagen is a mix of modern design, vintage pieces and ethnic details - their signature style. 
In the dining room the floor is painted black. The vintage chair are from Green Square, the chandeliers from Ochre and the modern table from Meridiani. All the huricanes are from Day Home. I'm loving this mix of ethnic, elegant and modern - so my style.

 In the hall the floor is black and white marble. The walls are golden silk wallpaper and the chair is  from Green Square. Very luxe and modern at the same time. 
The livingroom is decorated with a big sofa from Meridiani and a beautiful Moroccan rug that together with the Day Home pillows adds an ethnic touch. The lamps are from Ralph Lauren, while the antique Chinese table is from Green Square.
From the livingroom you can see into the office. The suitcases are a mix of vintage and from Day Home.
I absolutely LOVE this office. This shows that yes, you can paint a small room black. Of course it helps that there's a lot of light coming in from the window, but black walls are hot! - and totally chic. The desk is an antique from Sweden and the zebra rug and lamp from Restoration Hardware add that extra touch of luxe.
The living room is divided into small seating areas and in this part of the room they couple have mixed antiques, modern design and ethnic details. Again they'ce chosen a Moroccan Beni Quani rug, together with vintage chairs and sofa. 

The bathroom is very luxurious with marble tile floors, a bathtub and zink from English Drummonds. The lamps in the ceiling and the rug adds the ethnic touch that this couple is known for in their Home collection and in their fashion.
The bedroom is very romantic and white on white, with flowy white curtains, a fireplace and vintage chairs. - calm, peaceful and clean - as a bedroom should be. I totally love this home. It's luxe, cozy and personal all at once.

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