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Lisa Vanderpump's new Beverly Hills home...

April 11, 2013
 Are you also following the tv-series of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills you have seen that Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken have moved into a new mansion in the hills. I love this home. So much nicer and more my style than their recent Beverly Hills home, which was very pink and girly. The outdoor space is my absolute favorite part of this home - with 4 different outdoor areas and a eternity pool this is just my dream place.
 The view is just amazing from the pattio on the first floor.
 Outdoor dining areas are so amazing and this one is just perfect. Palmtrees, white chairs, a black glossy table, vintage chandelliers and an open fireplace - PERFECT.
On the other side of the outdoor dining area is a comfy, chic outdoor living space. This is just so beautiful and luxe. 
 In the garden they have set up a dining area - very beautiful.
 The kitchen area in this new home is both modern and still has touches of Lisa's girly style. Lisa loves flowers and I don't think there's one room without vases with beautiful flowers, especially roses.

 This livingroom is very luxe and on the girly side, which is Lisa's signature style. -You can't have a Vanderpump room without any pink...The soft colours of this room match perfectly together - it's both comfy and luxe.
 There are a lot of mirrored furniture in the Vanderpump's home. Having some mirrored pieces will add instant glamour to a space.

 Another beautiful living room with more masculine elements and colours paired with the girly look. Love the mix of feminine and masculine. Very chic.
A glamourous bathroom with chandelliers in white and light pink. 
No Lisa Vanderpump home without an amazing closet - this is huge, all white and totally luxe - I'm in love.

4 comments on "Lisa Vanderpump's new Beverly Hills home..."
  1. I absolutely love Lisa. She is the picture of a true housewife.

  2. I love Lisa, she is such an elegant character and oh my gosh does she have magnificent style. I'm only young and don't have anything close to her house but I am certainly trying to incorporate her style in my house with a very small budget. My husband always shakes his head and when I'm finished his that's nice. I can only thank her as I have never seen anything like her style and it's exactly what I dream of. I wish I could meet her, from watching all the housewife episodes both my husband and I respect her and the way she goes about things. You do not stay married and successful for that long if you are not doing things right. Good on her : )

  3. Love her. Her homes are always so fabulous & classy. I've always wanted to know what her home in England looked like. Pretty Fetch Blog posted some rare photos...finally we can see her og digs!

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