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Real Housewife Yolanda Foster's home...

April 15, 2013
One of newest cast of the Real Housewife's of Beverly Hills is Yolanda Foster. Her home is absolute stunning and living at the beach she's designed several small beautiful outside sitting areas.
Beautiful pool with view over looking the ocean. 

Rustic outdoor dining area - the entire house is very Mediterranean in it's design and decor - perfect, when living close to the beach. 

Yolanda designs houses herself and she's very into interior design. She also loves folwers and also has several lemon trees in her garden.

 The closet is my favorite part - it's very organized and I love the built in wardrobe with glass doors. Having everything showing like this means you really have to be organized, which Yolanda is. Love the seating in the middle - very luxe. 
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