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Black and White abstract art (DIY)...

May 24, 2013
 There's something about black and white abstract art. A black and white painting just goes with everything, in every room - whether it be a black and white room, a colourful room, a modern room or a chic vintage room. A black and white abstract painting will just add that extra oumph to a room and give it a touch of luxe. It totally makes me want to go back to painting again! (I think I even have a couple of my old black and white paintings somewhere). Even if you're not the greatest painter you can have a go and do your own black and white abstract painting - all you need is a canvas, black and white acryllic paint, a couple of brushes or spatulas, time and creativity (abstract painting are not the easiest to paint though they often look like it - a tip is to not think too much about it - just let yourself go). 
Just a little creative tip to start off the weekend.

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