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Organized black and white closets...

June 23, 2013
 Let's face it - most of us girls do shop more than needed and I must confess that I'm pretty bad at it myself. Buying a lot of stuff AND keeping your closet looking organized and nice is just not so easy. I clean out my closet at least 1 time every month and always find stuff that I don't need. 
I have a rack out with my all my blazers and jackets, the rest of my clothes are inside a closed closet and in a chest of drawers, which makes my bedroom look more clean than having everything out. - I just can't sleep, if my bedroom is not neat. To keep your closet space looking neat I suggest to only put out your favorite items, unless you have an entire room as walk-in closet.
I love to use white and/or black in a closet - keep the colours simple and it will look much more organzied and luxe. If you put out a colourful item the piece will come a lot more to it's right in a white or black room. 

  When you look at pictures like these in magazines and blogs they are very put together and the amount of items are minimal, so not so realistic for the most of us.
 The ideas are great though; hanging a branch or pipe from the ceiling as a clothing rack, hanging your clothes on from hooks like above and of course hanging it on normal racks, which you can find in stores like IKEA.

1 comment on "Organized black and white closets..."
  1. I like this kind of closets in which you show the items you have, bit I wont have this on my bedroom, not right now as it's a bit small. :)