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Luxe it up with a chandelier...

August 28, 2013
 What's more luxe than a chandelier to add that extra oomph to a space...If you take a good look at all these pictures what makes them all look so luxe is the chandelier - try to hold your hand over the chandelier and the space will transform into something different - not as luxe!
 Chandeliers will work in every space and with both a modern decor and a more vintage one. They come in all kinds of different materials and forms - I'm personally most into the vintage crystal ones.
 Adding a chandelier to a closet will luxe it up or use it in your modern diningroom to add some history and a luxe feel. Love the mix of a vintage chandelier paired with modern lamps like in the above picture.
How amazing to add a chandelier in your outdoor space - more about this idea in an upcoming post...
5 comments on "Luxe it up with a chandelier..."
  1. Love your blog!! I used to be into indoor design before being in fashion design :)!

  2. Agree! I'm definetilly using a candelier in at least on room in my house, I love how they look!


  3. Beautiful home, i love everything, home looks so company UK

  4. These chandeliers definitely make the difference

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