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Malene Birger's Mallorcan retreat...

August 18, 2013
There's no designer I love more than By Malene Birger. Her fashion collections are classic, elegant and with ethnic touches and so is her interior design aesthetics - just my kind of style. 
This is one of her Mallorcan homes that she totally refurbished and it's just perfect. - It's rustic with both Nordic and ethnic touches and I just love how everything is so personal, relaxed, but stylish at the same time. Colours are held in white, black and with natural colours.
The living room is cozy with natural clay tiled flooring and a mix of modern and old items. Just love how she mixes a modern black leather sofa with ethnic bamboo chairs.

The bathroom is again a mix of ethnic, rustic and more modern interiors with wicker baskets, striped towels from her own line, ethnic decor items, modern black lamps and a incorporated zink. 

The kitchen is very rustic and typically Spanish with clay tiles and dark wood, but with modern steel appliances.

The bedroom is beautiful and relaxing. I love the old Indian dressing table with the leather chair. A lot of the paintings in the house are painted by Malene herself - and they compliment the style very well. Striped rugs and blankets works perfect in this space and is signature for Malene Birger. 

Her studio is again held in the same colour palette and with plenty of room to paint and be creative. How different and cool are those wicker table lamps?! 

Another little bathroom - rustic, modern and ethnic at the same time.
Wicker baskets and bowls in clay are very Mallorcan  - Malene stores some of her plates in wicker baskets - such a cute idea.
The house is just as amazing from the outside - look at that lavender path from the house down to the pool area - so beautiful. I would never leave if I lived here, but the house is actually up for sale HERE, believe it or not... 

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