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Beni Ourain rug obsessed...

September 20, 2013

 I'm totally in love with the Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs and have posted about them before - they are just the right amount of bohemian, luxe and timeless chic. I'm a big lover of Moroccan decor mixed with modern design and these rugs are just perfect. They work in any space - to soften down a minimalistic living room or to add extra glam to a luxe room like the one below. 
The rugs works in other spaces than just living rooms. One of these rugs looks luxe in a bedroom plus it's super soft - so perfect for landing when you get out of bed. Also perfect for kids rooms, as they often play on the floor or in an office to add some luxe and some warmth. I would love one of these in every room in our flat...

I love these rugs so much that I dedicated a board on my Pinterest for them. See and follow my board HERE

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