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10 best no carving pumpkin ideas...

October 18, 2013
October is pumpkin season - I personally love the white kind just plain natural, but here are my top 10 ideas of a no carving pumpkin.
 Spray paint the pumpkin gold or paint details with gold for a glam look. You can choose to also bling it out adding small crystals.
 Be funky and paint one black and add studs for a cool look or add glue and then glitter for a girly look.
 Cool pumpkin painted white with gold studs. You can also choose to paint a pattern like these ones with chevron pattern.
 Part glossy paint, part glitter pumpkins for a more glam look. For a ethnic feel paint the pumpkin and then use glue paint to make an ethnic pattern and dots.
Use a big pumpkin and spray paint it, when paint on your door number using stencils. Small gold spray painted pumpkins are also perfect for a fall dinner party.

Do you have a favorite?
I will go buy a couple this weekend and see what I'll do. 

All pictures from Pinterest
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  1. The first version is so 5th Av!

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