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7 reasons to get exited for fall...

October 18, 2013
 Fall is my favorite season of the year. I am all about coziness - I love snuggling up in front of the tv or reading a good book or a new magazine, baking, taking long walks wrapped up in a big sweater, gloves, boots - the works and I love the beautiful colours of nature and the crisp air on a sunny fall day. I know that a lot of people don't look forward to fall, but here's 7 reasons to get exited for this lovely season.
  1 - nice walks in the forest or in a park wearing your favorite pair of wellies or winter boots. Nothing like the feeling of coming home and being tired after a long walk in the cold.
2 - and then making a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea to warm yourself at home - I know an amazing tea recipe - perfect for fall that I'll share soon.
  3 - this' also the season to find all your warm sweaters from the back of the closet and maybe invest in a couple new ones in wool or cashmere - (good reason to clean out your closet and have an excuse to see, which new items you need to get for the winter season...) - love the ones shown from TheWhiteCompany.
 5 - light candles in your home. I'm huge on candles in every room - it just gives such a nice atmosphere all year round, but especially nice when it's dark and cold outside. You can get scented ones that smells of winter - a nice spicy one to boost the autumn mood in your home.
 5 - time to bring some of natures beautiful fall-offs home to decorate your indoor space - so no excuse to not take a walk in your nearest forest or park.
6 - then snuggling up with a warm fur throw and reading a good book, reading blogs or watching your favorite movie.
7 - It's pumpkin season - it's time to decorate with these little chubby ones or to carve them. I love the white sort, which look great in most homes - a couple of these small ones on a tray with candles will instantly add a fall feel to your home or if you have your own front door they are really decorative and welcoming. 
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