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Decorating with succulents...

October 1, 2013
Green plants are a must have in my home. I have always loved green plants, even more actually than flowers. I especially love olive trees, palm trees and succulent to add some green into my home. I'll be doing a couple of other posts on both olive trees and palm trees later, because this post is on succulents...
I absolutely love these small chubby plants in decor. They are beautiful, come in a big range of types, are super easy to look after as they can endure both cold and warm temperatures and don't need watering that often.
Succulents also come in different colours of green and almost purple. A single succulent in a tray on your coffee table or on top of book on a shelf is super nice and just add some life to the decor.

Succulents are also perfect as decor on a dining table setting and really beautiful for the season to come placed in small vases or in candle holders or whatever you can think of. 
I decorate with these small cuties in living rooms, dining room, in bathrooms and in can use them everywhere and they stay beautiful for years if you look after them and give them some care.

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