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Tine K home favourites...

October 22, 2013
 One of my favourite home decor brands is Tine K Home and last time I was in Denmark I visited a small boutique, Living Trend & Livsstil, selling Tine K Home amongst other brands. I just fell in love with the little boutique and had to share a couple of pictures from my visit. I bought two of the black and white ceramic bowls that'll you see below, but I need to visit again next time I'm vacationing in Denmark to add some more to my home decor. 

Below I've put together my favourite Tine K Home items. I love the hand made, ethnic inspired items with and Nordic feel and the mix of black, white and wicker. This is surely not the last time I'll be showing Tine K home decor items on the blog. Just love this brand:)

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