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6 ways to decorate with reindeer skins...

November 11, 2013
There is just nothing more wintery to me than reindeers - reindeer skins remind me of cozier and colder months and there are a lot of great ways to use these warm skins...
1: Use a reindeer skin on your bed to add some warmth and a wintery feel to your bedroom.
 2: Place a skin or two on the floor - perfect for playing boardgames or in front of a fireplace.
 3: Add a reindeer skin to your favourite chair and cozy up with a nice book and a hot cup of cocoa.
 4: Reindeer skins are also perfect outside decor for those nice, cold, crisp days that you can sit out. Reindeer skins shed A LOT, so using them outdoors is a really good idea.
 5: Cut pieces to fit your dining chairs - your chairs will be super soft and luxe.
 6: Place a reindeer skin (or several) on your sofa to add a wintery feel and make your sitting area nice and inviting.

Do you decorate with reindeer skins or antlers in winter? A post about decorating with reindeer antlers is coming up soon.

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