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Christmas decor - Nordic style...

November 30, 2013
 There's just something about a Nordic christmas...It's rustic, white and natural. This beautiful home in Denmark is just one of those light, inviting homes that reminds me of home...
Winter is not an excuse to not decorate outdoors and especially around the front door - a wreath, lanterns and winter plants will instantly add beautiful holiday mood.
 Indoors the decor is white with a hint of black and grey and natural elements. A big advent wreath in the ceiling over the coffee table and a wood bowl with nuts is the christmas decor of this space.
 A small christmas tree with advent calender gifts makes the dining area cozy. 
 Branches with fur hearts and stars from Nordstjerne in the window adds a natural, minimalistic holiday feel. 
 Modern dining area in black and white mixed wood together with black frames with pictures adds personality to the minimalistic space. The Royal Copenhagen china adds a bit of colour.
 Simple white kitchen with lamps in concrete gives the space a raw feel. I love the mix of the white, grey, black and natural wood.
 White and black entrance. A black coir runner on the stairs, black and white striped wallpaper gives the space character. Love the classic style of this home and their minimalistic christmas decor. 

Via: Femina
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