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DIY stylish coasters...

November 28, 2013
Ever since I saw this print, which is By Malene Birger's new signature print I've been in love. I have bought myself a laptop case, a clutch and a pencil case from the brand, but was also inspired to add some DIY pieces to my collection using this print. I used it inside my calender, on a match box and I also made my old coasters look super stylish.
 All you'll need are some coasters, glue lacquer, scissors, paintbrush, a pen and carton paper of your choice. I found mine inside the latest By Malene Birger brochure.
 Draw the shape of your coaster and cut it out - be careful to not make to too small - if it's a little big, you can always cut off the access after it has dried.

 Add lacquer glue onto your old coasters - it's important to really spread it to all corners.
 Place your cut-out on top of the lacquered coasters and add a top of laquer on top - glue lacquer is somewhat water resistant, so you can easily wipe them with a wet cloth in daily use.
The glue is white, when applied, but it dries up to a shiny see through lacquered finish. Wait 24 hours to let them harden and they are ready for use.
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