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Fashion meets decor - GREY...

November 18, 2013
 We're visiting family in Denmark for a week and today was just a grey, cold, rainy day - furthermore I dressed in grey from top to toe today - my favourite fall colour, which inspired me to write this post.
I totally love grey both in fashion and in decor. Together with camel it's this years most popular colour for fall and winter. I love the combo of the two together - I'll do a post about that combo soon...
There are so many hues of grey and I love them all, from the palest grey to the darkest. In an all white room it just adds a bit of colour and a touch of luxe. Adding grey will warm up all the white and just give a room more depth.
 In a white and black decor grey will break up the hard contradictions and add warmth. You don't need a lot of grey to change the decor of a room - pillows, a rug, a throw, a lamp, art etc.
 You can also go all in and paint walls grey or invest in some grey furnitures. I love the look of different hues of grey in the same room to add depth. Warmer greys will of course add more warmth, whereas lighter greys are a little colder in colour and perfect for a minimalistic, Nordic look.
Grey also look amazing paired with other colours, such as purples, yellows etc. - but my favourite will always be the combo of white, black, grey and camel (natural colours). How do you feel about grey in decor and in fashion?
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