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Grey, black, white and natural Danish home...

November 27, 2013

This Danish house is just beautiful. I love the mix of natural elements and colours and all the ethnic decor items. I have recently become quite fond of the colour grey and this house just comes to show how beautiful the combo of greys and wood, black and white are. The home has a Nordic feel, but it's still more warm and ethnic inspired than the usual all white Nordic home.
Different colours of grey are used throughout the house and I love it. It's warm and inviting and I just love the mix of modern elements, vintage looking furniture and natural decor items - like the small rustic horn lanterns from OiSoiOi on the dining table.
Modern kitchen with a more dark and rustic dining area with half of the walls painted dark grey to add some depth and make it more warm. 
Display corner with favourite decor items and pictures makes any home more personal and I just love how they did it here. 
The coffee tables in the home are all out of wood with a metal base and I absolutely love them. This one here is from Ilva - you can find it here

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