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Plastered concrete shelves in the bathroom...

November 8, 2013

I'm a big fan of plastered aerated concrete shelving - you get that Italian, vintage look and it's something that you can do yourself if you are crafty. A really nice bathroom doesn't have to break the bank. 
I love how you can fill up the smallest space with one of these units and that's why I especially love it in a bathroom. 
You can design shelves so they are a perfect fit for folded towels from floor to ceiling or you can make an element with shelves in the measurements you want. Using wicker baskets under the sink for storage will make your bathroom will give it that Italian, vintage feel. I love mixing new and old for a personal style.
As aerated concrete is quite soft I suggest putting in wooden, glass or steel shelves if you are using baskets on the shelves as they will wear the concrete as you take the baskets in and out.
 If you are looking do a really inexpensive, yet modern and luxe bathroom using aerated concrete is a great alternative. I love the look.
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