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A beautiful home with natural christmas decor...

December 18, 2013
 This home is just so cozy and I love the personal touches both in and outside. During winter it's so important to also decorate outdoors with lights and make the dark just a little more beautiful and cozy. This home is more than a hundred years old and actually used to be a vacation house. The couple living here have renovated it and made it a beautiful villa.
The kitchen and dining room are light and beautiful. In the dining room a long table, chairs with sheep hides and natural christmas decor makes this space very wintery and cozy. I love how they mix white and wood in this home. The white painted floors makes everything come together beautifully. 
The bedroom is all white and minimalistic - the only decor is on a shelf over the bed that holding pictures and other personal decor items.
The home also have great views and I love all the paned windows and doors in this home that gives it that cozy feel.

Source: Bo Bedre
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