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Christmas gift wrap...

December 12, 2013
When it comes to gift wrapping I'm all about simplicity. Presenting your gifts nicely is very important. I love plain brown paper like the kind you get on the postoffice or white paper and using either beautiful ribbon or thin raffia thread or paper yarn to wrap my gifts. I just hate those flimsy plastic ribbons that you can get everywhere. I prefer more natural options and since I have mine out to decorate during December it's also important that they have the same theme and colour palette so they compliment our home decor. 
You can decorate your plain gifts in different ways and add beautiful tags or things like pine cones, an olive branch etc. There are loads of great ideas. I also love putting gifts in boxes - those in the picture are from Ikea, but you can easily make some yourself.
Gift wrapping ideas are endless.
 How do you wrap your christmas gifts?
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