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Christmas in the country...

December 23, 2013
Nothing is more beautiful than a christmas in the country and this home is no exception. This old traditional Danish country home is held in black, white, greys and natural colours and is beautifully decorated for christmas.
 The home is mostly held in black and white and that's also the case in the bedroom, which has the most amazing afternoon light coming in.
 Beautiful mix of rustic, modern, and country-house in the kitchen. French ceramics on the shelves makes the space personal and rustic. The dining nook is so perfect here and I love how the used leather together with the two black Eames chairs. I think it's just a perfect space.
 All the hardwood floors are stained black and it just suits the home perfectly. In the hallway they have a collection of art on one wall and books on black stained book shelves.
 A beautiful mix of modern and vintage pieces. The homeowners have a lot of vintage artwork on the walls throughout the house. Paired with a lamp in the ceiling from the 40's and modern table and chairs it's a perfect mix of old and new.
 I've always been a big fan of bookshelves build around a door and this is just beautiful - books should be shown, not hidden. The black stained shelves against the white wall and French door adds depth to the room.
 Another beautiful room in black and white with touches of lilac. Love the vintage Chinese cabinets. The top is decorated with spruce during christmas. 
The bathroom elements are made from black concrete with vintage decor from France and China. Above the fireplace there's candles and spruce to add that holiday feel. The room is in black and white. Most of their sofas and chairs are from Vivre.

I love the minimal and natural christmas decor in this country home. Natural decor is all you need to make a beautiful space more cozy.

Source: Bo Bedre
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