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My christmas wishes for 2013...

December 17, 2013

Have you finished your christmas shopping or do you still have some shopping left to do before christmas? Christmas is only one week away - seems like December is just moving too fast...
I always have a lot of wishes, so it's easy for me to put together a long list - I have even more wishes than these and some I just forgot to put on here - like a camera. A camera is high up on my wish list so I can start taking some great pictures for my blogs. Other than that my wishes are a mix of things for the home, a few items for my wardrobe and a bit of beauty cravings.
I love watching other peoples wish lists to get inspired. How do your wish list look like?

1// Bamboo basket for throws here
2// I need two of these for each side of your sofa here
3// I need a card holder and I love this one here
4// There a so many eyeshadow palettes out there this christmas and I love this one from Chanel.
5// These earrings are so beautiful 
6// A Mason Pearson brush has been on my wish list for a long time here
7// I'm the biggest By Malene Birger fan and I love this dress in both cream and black 
8// New towels - these are from Tine K Home
9// I'm in need for a new beauty blender - I love this new black pro one
10// New cutlery from Zara Home
11// Moneyphant twins for my moneyphant from Geord Jensen
12// YSL scarf 
13// Day Home pillows
14// Naja Munthe Fashionable Living as a new addition to my coffee table books.
15// Royal Copenhagen mugs
16// Georg Jensen salt and pebber grinder
17// Donna Karan cashmere skirt
18// I've been wanting a shopper bag for a while and it's between this By Malene Birger or the classic Goyard.
19// Great for storage or laundry here
20//Kay Bojesen monkey
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