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Bedside offices...

January 2, 2014
 Being a very creative person I always have thousands of ideas going through my head, even at night time - maybe even more at night time. I find that I actually work best at night and I always have a small notebook on my nightstand for any night time ideas and that brings me to today's post about bedside offices...
Let's face it not everyone have a spare room in the home to use as an office, so you can either make an office space in the living room or in the bedroom. I like both ideas, but having a small, neat and beautiful office space in the bedroom sounds very appealing to me as I know that I'll be doing more work in the bedroom than in the living room, where there's tv etc. 
 I love this bedroom with an office space in the middle of the room - it doesn't look cluttered, but fits in perfectly. The key is to keep the office space very clean and neat, when using your bedroom as office too.
 An Indian desk fits this bedroom perfectly. You can use it both as a vanity and as an office space. This space is just so me.
 Another great idea for an office space in the bedroom is to have a secretary desk as you can close it if you need. This picture is from Carrie's bedroom in Sex and The City 2.
 Instead of a nightstand place a small desk at your bedside with a small chair or bench and use the space for both a nightstand and as an office space.

Do any of you have a bedside office?

Source: Pictures from Google and Pinterest
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