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Modern Moroccan in black, white and natural...

January 4, 2014

It's the start of January and most of you just took down all your christmas decor, so the home looks kind of empty and maybe now is the right time to think about some decor changes or adding some new items or a new style.
You know that my own style is what I can Nordic Exotic - a mix of the modern, the light Nordic and the exotic with it's print, lanterns and beautiful fabrics.
 To get the Modern Moroccan look you can add lanterns, lamps with Moroccan patterns, while keeping the rest elegant in white, black and natural colours.
 No one does the Nordic exotic look better than designer Malene Birger and this bedroom from her Mallorcan home is just perfect. A Moroccan rug, bedspread and pillows and throws in a wicker basket makes this room exotic.
 Another picture from Malene Birger's Copenhagen home. A mix of vintage French pieces and Moroccan items like wedding blankets, throws, pillows makes this a really special space.
 A white Nordic style sofa, an old Moroccan rug and a handmade table makes this space bohemian chic.
 Moroccan poufs, a wedding blanket and patterned pillows all in natural tones makes this bedroom unique.
This beautiful dining room with a Moroccan inspired theme is just lovely.
Moroccan trays used as headboards, a Moroccan pouf and lantern all in white and black makes this modern and exotic at the same time.

The easiest way to add a Moroccan feel to your home decor is via fabrics, trays and lanterns and you don't need a lot of items to make your space more exotic.
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