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Birger 1962...

April 30, 2014

 I was really upset, when I heard that Malene Birger had decided to leave the fashion brand that she founded in 2003 earlier this year... This By Malene Birger summer collection was the last one she will be making and even though the brand has been handed over to another designer, I'm sure the collections will never be the same - never as ethnic and bohemian as it was under Malene herself...

As with most bad news good ones follow and I'm so exited that Malene Birger will start her first decor collection later this year - Birger 1962. - I've been waiting for her to start a decor line for years... Malene's sense of style is my biggest inspiration and I can't wait for this webshop to open. I also know that the brand is situated in London, where Malene now lives and I'm hoping they will have a showroom that I will be able to visit... Anyone as exited by this as I?

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