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April 25, 2016
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I've been getting some requests on Instagram to share my hair care and skin care routines, so I've listened and I'll be sharing which products I use everyday...
One of the comments I get quite often from non hijabis is why do you care so much about your hair - you don't even show it...Well let me tell you this. Muslim women care A LOT about their hair - it is the beauty that we hide from other men than their husband and we want it to look its best, when we are at home. I never wear hijab or turban at home, so a lot of the hours in the day I'll be running around the house hair loose or in a bun.
I've been through a phase of trying to keep the balayage look, but it's such hard work to maintain it, since red hues keeps coming back, when you have dark hair. Bleaching it a lot totally ruins the hair, so I've gone back to dark and had to crop off a lot, so now I have the popular "lob" - long bob.
To keep it healthy I've started using Moroccain Oil. Ahh the smell is amazing - obsessed with the oil - and I use it on Adam's hair too. I use the smooth shampoo and conditioner every second day, when I wash my hair and twice a week I'll be using the smooth mask and my hair really loves this stuff. It keeps frizz away and makes the hair so soft. I have quite dry scalp - I think a lot of other hijabis can relate to dryness of the scalp from wearing a scarf - winter also makes it worse for me, but this little Moroccain Oil treatment oil is a lifesaver. I use it before I wash my hair about 2 times a week and it really helps so much by adding moisture to my scalp and I really highly recommend this little one. Using dandruff shampoos will make your hair super dry and dandruff is often mistaken to be the same as dry scalp, which it is not.
I love Moroccan Oil, because of the amazing smell and also because they really work AND they are free from parabens and sulfates - we really don't need any of the nasties in our lives. You can find Moroccan Oil at your hairdresser or at LookFantastic.

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