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April 29, 2016
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As I've talked about in recent posts I'm trying to live a more minimal life. With that comes all parts of every day life - down to simple things like a skin care routine... I've been looking for a range of natural products that really work and that's just what I've found in Danish minimal brand NUORI. Four steps to clean and healthy skin and it's a huge plus that the packaging is so beautiful and minimal that you'll want to keep them out as part of the bathroom decor.
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I've been using NUORI for about 3 weeks now and I really love these products. My skin is rather sensitive, but my skin liked these products from the start and I already see it looking better than before. I've not been the best at taking good care of my skin; I never really found a range of products that I loved and I've done my fair share of sunbathing in the past, which has not been super good for my skin. My skin has also changed a lot since I had a baby - it went from being more normal/oily to being quite dry and dehydrated. I've also started to pay more attention to ingredients in products, since becoming a mom - especially because I've been breastfeeding since day 1 and don't want to carry on a lot of preservatives and other nasty ingredients to him.
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NUORI's range of products are 100% natural - yes a lot of brands claim they are natural, but might have a list of not so natural ingredients if you look closer at the product. NUORI products really are 100% natural - they are free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulfates etc. - all that bad stuff that you don't really want to put on your skin and absorb. Because the products are natural you'll not find any synthetic preservatives in the products and it's the only brand I've come across that's so FRESH.
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If you look at the pictures above you'll see that there's a date on the packaging - on my products it says start using by May 2016, which means I should start using it from before or at this date the latest. NUORI's products are freshly blended every 12 weeks, so they don't need to add those nasty preservatives and so that the ingredients work its best. On each product there's an expiry date either at the bottom or in the top - the natural ingredients works for six months after blending them. Now this is very different from other brands - most brands have a shelf life for 30 months!!! - which means they are filled with preservatives and additives, but active ingredient like vitamin A, C and E actually loose their beneficial properties over time, even with all the added preservatives. The freshness of each NUORI product is one of the reasons I really like them. I use 4 steps in the morning and at night:
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The cleanser is a foam, which you use on dry skin. I use 3 pumps of this and massage it into the skin - it creates a creamy foam and I rinse with water. Often I'll gently use a cloth when I rinse it off to make sure all makeup is removed. I like that the skin doesn't feel tight after cleansing it. It can be used on the eyes too, but I use an eye makeup remover first on days, when I wear a lot of eye makeup. It contains natural ingredients like pomegranate enzyme and radish root, oat kernel extract and natural betaine.
I absolutely love this oil and use it after cleansing both morning and evening since my skin in a the dry side. It's absorbed quite fast and the natural smell is lovely. It an absolute must. It contains organic rosehip oil and evening primrose oil, grape seed and apricot kernel oils and vitamin E.
I let the oil absorb for a minute and then add two to three pumps of the facial cream. It's non greasy, but still adds loads of moisture and the skin feels so soft after. It's also great to use under makeup. It contains hyaluronic acid, botanical squalane, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil, sheabutter and vitamin C and E.
I've been really neglecting my eye area. I thank good genes for not having a lot of wrinkles around the eyes, because I have never religiously used eye creams. It's always been a step I didn't bother to do - I always felt the under eye area would feel greasy if I used eye crema and also I felt that the skin around my eyes would swell up if I used eye creams at night - maybe because they were containing perfumes...This eye cream on the other hand has been a delight and I now use eye cream both day and night. It's hydrating, but non greasy and it really feels comfortable. It contains hyaluronic acid, organic aloe vera and shea butter, vitamin C, and vitamin E.
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4 simple steps and my skin feels a lot better than before I started using these products. One other thing that I like about the products is that they are all with a pump, except  I would not rave about something if I didn't really love it. These thoughts are 100% mine and I absolutely love these products. Can't wait to try some of the body product from NUORI.
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