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June 15, 2016
Ramadan Mubarak! Hope everyone is having a blessed month - we're now 10 days into Ramadan...
No Ramadan without some DIY's...I've had the flu for a week and I'm still not fully over it, so haven't had any energy. I normally plan to do a few different DIY's in Ramadan - this year I wanted to make Adam a Ramadan calendar with small gifts for each day, but  I didn't get around to it, so that will have to be next year, or maybe I'll do it later this month and he will be able to have it for next Ramadan.
I think it's super important to be crafty both alone and with the kids, especially this time a year. I want to have our own little Ramadan traditions that we'll do every year. - I'd love to hear about your traditions too.
I did manage to do some minimal Ramadan cards with small handmade moon ornaments in the first week - really easy to do and the moons have that fringed look that I love so much. I found small quotes that I love online and copied them onto some thick paper and used the thread from the moons to keep attach them to the card. 
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