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August 28, 2016

Yes...I'm still alive. It's been really quiet on the blog. To be honest I just didn't feel like blogging anymore and I've been thinking about either just stopping altogether or changing directions of the blog back to interior design and then some mommy posts, so it won't really be about fashion. I might choose the last option and then put up a post whenever I feel for it.
I've realised that standing up in front of the camera and posing just really isn't me - as a mom I feel it's a selfcentered world that I don't feel happy being a part of. I've also been really bad at going to press agencies, events etc. I've just been a really bad fashion blogger I guess. Probably because being a fashion blogger - or fashionish blogger - really never was something I enjoyed. I feel like it is constant thoughts about what to wear, what to buy next and it really doesn't go with trying to live a more minimal life. I hate making those lists about "what to wear/ wish to wear / I need" etc. that is really about through affiliate links to make people buy more stuff (that they really might not need either). It takes SO much time and it's just about buying, buying, buying - and first it doesn't go with me wanting to live a more minimal life to go through all kind of web shops finding items I feel I need, or I want others to feel like they need - it really gives me stress, second I really buy my own stuff either preloved, at Zara, Iro or some other store that isn't doing affiliate... Also I'm now 34 - who wants to keep looking at pictures of me!...I will probably do lists from time to time about items I wish for the home or for Adam, but they might not be through affiliate - it will genuinely be items I love and they might not even be online. I want to stay totally true to myself and to those who read my blog.
I'm a mom first and foremost and my interests are more about interior decorating and making our home a beautiful and nice place to live, than running from shop to shop to find new clothes to show in outfits or looking online for what's new's just not that creative and being a creative person I just feel like other things interest me a lot more. I'm more of a stay at home, cosying up with my family and doing crafts - that kind of stuff is really who I am and what I enjoy - and it's always been.
So...let's see what's in store for me and the blog...I'll move the blog from Costume at the end of September and I'll probably choose not to have it in a network, which gives me a lot more freedom to blog when I want and have the time and not stress about it.
These pictures are from the end of June, when we were celebrating my cousins birthday at my aunt and uncle's home - how idyllic is this place?!
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