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October 23, 2016

I just love fall - it's probably my favourite time of year. I love the cool, fresh air and nature's beautiful colours. I'm also a real homebody, so I love cosying up at home, lighting candles and be creative.

Adam and I have been collection chestnuts every day, when we walk home from nursery and I wanted to do some DIY together with him using some of the chestnuts. He's still to little to make animals with them and it will also be a few years till he can do the spiderwebs, so I thought we'd paint on them with white markers and make small wreaths. 

It was a really fun mom and son activity and you can see that Adam is totally concentrated on painting  (though he didn't like to get his fingers painted on haha) - I think his turned out so much better than mine. I find that the small strokes of a child's hand are so much more beautiful than the grown up ones, since we think about it too much.

After we'd done painting I drilled holes in each chestnut and put them on a wire like pearls and tied them to round wreaths. You can make them bigger in size if you wish - and it's a simple activity that doesn't take much time. Perfect for little ones, who can't concentrate on the same thing too long.

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