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October 29, 2016

There's just no getting around how beautiful those old, Swedish flats are. Stucco ceilings, old wooden floors, tall windows, the fireplace and so much charm. I love how they've mixed modern furniture with vintage in this home. -Like the piece in the entrance - mixing old with new will give your home character and make the surroundings blend in with the decor a lot better than if you decorate with only new and modern pieces.

The different textured pillows makes it feel like a cosy home and I'm loving the touches of pastels in this all white, grey and black home - it's so easy to add a bit of colour using small decor pieces like pillows and art and easy to change if you wish to have another look.

The lamp in the ceiling is so nice - been looking at similar ones here and here for the bedroom - I think they give such a light and casual look to a room.

Source: Entrance

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