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October 5, 2016
I really love this. It's light, inviting, homey and has that exotic touch that I like so much. Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs and kelim rugs are still so hot and I absolutely love them. Velvet is also a trend I am obsessed with - you just need a few pillows or a piece of velvet furniture to add some luxe to a room. I just bought myself a couple of velvet pillows in grey colours and I'm so happy with them - not only are they super soft, they also add dept and that luxurious and bohemian feel to my all white sofa. Lusting for a grey velvet sofa too that I saw in Rue Verte - if only I had the money to spend on it.
Green plants of all kinds are also hotter than ever and they really add that exotic touch. My husband recently bought me a fig tree, but it smells a bit of cat pee, so had to leave it out on the balcony for's so beautiful though, so hope the smell leaves, when it gets colder. Cactuses are also everywhere at the moment and I'm thinking of getting a few to put on top of my old cabinet in the livingroom, so they're out of Adam's reach.
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