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October 24, 2016

This thing has saved my life - or to be more exact the life of my mobile phone...Being on Social Media - and I mean using it A LOT - Instagram, Pinterest etc. also means that my phone dies all the time, so this charger is a real lifesaver. 

There's nothing worse than not being able to use your phone if you're not at home - you can't accept calls or make any - and being a mom the nursery has to be able to reach me, if Adam's not feeling well. I also have my travel card on my phone - so I need to show it on the bus and the metro, so there's just no option for me to have a phone that's not charged.

This portable charger from Kreafunk is not only practical, but the design is both cool and it's so easy to use. The ToCharge comes with a fabric cable and I'll charge it on my Macbook at night and then it actually has enough power to charge your phone twice! It's perfect to carry in my bag and know that I don't have to worry that checking my Instagram feed or Snapping will make my phone die.

This post is made with Kreafunk - all thoughts are my own.
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