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November 18, 2016

It's Friday already. I'm working all day today, but that means I have the entire weekend off. Yay! I've had a cold for a couple of weeks now, so I hope a weekend at home will do me some good and I have a couple things planned for Adam and I.

My husband is studying for his Masters exams, so he'll be in the library most of the weekend. Adam and I are going to be baking cookies - found these cute snowflake cookie cutters in Søstrene Grene that we are going to use.

I also saw that they've put up christmas decorations in Frederiksberg Centret; I'm talking elfs and reindeers that move etc., so I'm sure Adam is going to find that very interesting. I'm also planning a walk in Frederiksberg Have to collect some pinecones and other things we can find to make a decoration with candles for the table. I make one every year. I just love candles and this is the time of year to have them lit most of the day.

On to my Follow Friday...This week's it's Swedish blogger Anna Kubel that is my FF - I absolutely love both her Instagram and her blog and I read it religiously. Her pictures are just so dreamy and I fell in love with the white canopy you've seen me talking about before, from seeing it on her Instagram. If you haven't stopped by Anna's blog, make sure you do.

FIY - the white canopy is 20% off if you use code 345446 before Sunday at Ellos
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