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November 11, 2016

It's a late update this Friday...I'm sick with a cold. I've felt it coming the entire week. Adam's had a cold for so long and I've been super stressed about the apartment hunting, so today I felt so sick that I had to stay home. We didn't get the apartment I was talking about yesterday, so the search continues...

Unto my Follow Friday post...If you haven't come across gorgeous mamma Apphia's Instagram then you are really missing out! I'm obsessed with every picture and I love how she uses very dark greys and blacks that you normally don't use in kids rooms. I just love it and I'm glad to see more mom's showing another side to kids decorating and kids dressing.

I love to dress Adam in black myself - to me there's nothing worse than clothing with small ships in pastel colours or super colourful prints. There's no harm in giving your child good taste from a small age haha...I also love how she keeps everything very minimal and her Instagram feed really is envy worthy. So if you're not following already go check her out! 
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