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November 21, 2016

Everyone in my family are really creative people and one of my cousins Anja have found her calling creating beautiful dream catchers under the name Nordic Lama. She creates these herself and there's not two alike, so they are very special. You can find her on Instagram HERE.

I was over the moon with excitement, when I opened a package the other day and found the most amazing dream catcher ever that she made for Adam. She made it days before she gave birth to her son Liam Cassius - she's not had an easy pregnancy, but this girl is one tough cookie.

I've always found dream catchers pretty, but this one is really something else...It's so luxurious in the most perfect grey colours - and all the details are just stunning. It's so me. I can't wait to make Adam his dark grey room, where this special piece will feel right at home.

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