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November 5, 2016

It's the weekend, but I'm working all day today, so my weekend starts tonight...I wanted to share with you some new pieces I recently got for Adam. All organic and so comfy from Little Green Sky - I love that they only sell organic clothing, so you know you get the best of the best - AND all is gender neutral.

I love the muslin clothing from Konges Sløjd - we have two sets now and a romper and Adam wears these pieces all the time. For sleeping, but also to go out - I just dress him in wool underneath so he'll stay warm - I'll also use the trousers with a knitted sweater or the top with other trousers. If you are in a warmer country you'll love these pieces, because they are so light and comfy.

The Livly sweater is cashmere - it's so soft and so cute with the embroidery on the back. I also mentioned it in this post. I'll share some pictures of Adam wearing it soon.

We also got some bath toys - rubber ducks in natural rubber from Hevea. Adam loves these and plays with them every time he has a bath and will also take them around the house to play with. I love that they are all natural.

I also have my eyes on these trousers for Adam and this one for myself that they just got in. That robe looks like I wouldn't want to ever take it off, though I'd probably have to most days...

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