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November 3, 2016

It feels like winter is here...Today I almost slipped, when Adam and I walked to nursery in the morning and it was so I'm stocking up on warm things to wear, especially for Adam. He just had pneumonia about a week ago and they called me up from nursery at lunch time today, because Adam had a fever. Poor guy. The doctor did tell me that we can expect him to be sick on and off for the next year, since this is his first year in nursery. -Oh I wish I could just stay home with him...On the other hand, both he and I need to get out and be around other people:) I said I'm stocking up on warm things to wear. I'll do a whole list very soon - maybe some of you will be inspired or just curious about, what I shop for Adam. We just got these wool felt indoor shoes - they are super warm and good for small feet. Wool is perfect in winter, because it warms, but it does not make you overheat like synthetics do. Since they have a velcro fastening Adam can put them on himself. They are from Bisgaard - you might have seen Adam wearing other boots from the brand. We love their shoes, since they support those small feet and looks nice too. I have my eyes on this pair too for outdoors.
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